Saturday, June 11, 2011

Modge Podge Table and Chairs

~Hello BlogLand~

I am pretty sure I found this on Modge Podge Rocks there are too many that inspired it so who knows which particular furniture re-due it was.

First I sand the stool to remove any uneven items the kids got on it. (i.e. tape, glue,crayons,sticky anything)

Darn it why won't it show up right side up?????
Any whoooooo This paint is sooo awesome. I had to cover the table over and over and it shows all the imperfections. This stuff really covers in (almost) one coat. Love the colors in the pink and purple.

I used adhesive spray to adhere the paper shapes I cut out with my cricut. Then I covered with dunt dunt duh nahhhhhhh Modge Podge of Course!!!!
I put apprx 3 layers because of the multi level surfaces.

I wish this picture showed better but here is the finished top.

I have photo's (somewhere) of the table being done. I used wrapping paper (DO NOT USE PLEASE PLEASE) on the table top. It tears and it is not a smooth surface. (may be my impatience in laying)

I hope you enjoyed this!
My lil ones love it. Me too.

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