Wednesday, July 6, 2011

~Summer Keepsake Book~

So I actually did this all by myself (pretty silly since I conscider myself a copy cat)
I thought of this while I was thinking of how to have my monster's make a thank you card for my aunt. I really want my girls to have memories of how they thought, wrote,what they liked etc. I came up with this:

 First I printed the pages the pagination was tricky. I had to [actually] think of what goes where ha ha and what to print on the back of what pages.
The cover is card stock, the title page on is regular.

Book includes:
Title page: They fill author and illustrator
Each Month they get to draw a picture of favorite things  want in the month.
What I love Page has them fill in:
the weather is:
to do:
(kind of like favorite things page)

I taught the 5 year old monster how to sew the book. I used a denim needle to poke the 4 holes. I then used regular thread doubled up and let her sew away. [Maybe some day I will use fabric]

If you would like me to send you the excel file, just email me.