Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Halloween Lanterns

~Halloween Lanterns~
(Copied from Sara at OurBestBites)

~Tissue Paper
~Mod Podge
~Paint Brush (I used Foam)
Aren’t they super Cute! This is an easy project that the kids can join in (unless you have my kids and I know what would happen if they even got close to a jar of Mod Podge)

Here’s how you do it
Apply Mod Podge to jar
Put tissue on the jar
Apply another coat of Mod Podge to create a seal
Repeat until the jar is covered. Let dry upside down.
After it is dry I just glued paper faces and ribbon to the top rim. (I tried glitter glue on the orange one and it was a mess)
Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ribbon Halloween wreath

~Halloween Wreath~
I copied this from Linda's Awesome Blog!
She has amazing stuff!
First mistake was using  lace ribbon instead of burlap. Well that was gonna be expensive. OOPS. So I changed to a bolt of black fabric that walmart had for $5 bucks.
Which I am hojping to make Martha's Witch Curtains.
My second mistake was getting a Styrofoam (the white kind) expensive and messy. Then I spray painted it. REAL REAL MESSY ha ha
Anyhoo I continued my messy project and put the lace here and there on the wreath.
With the letters, I spray painted them, used the wood as a stencil and cut and glued the scrapbook paper on them. I hot glued the wood to the wreath.
I tied a bow to hang it a viola. Cute Halloween Décor!