Monday, January 9, 2012

Favorite Nail Color Ever

My favorite color is burnt orange.
+ Who doesn't love sparkle
+ I love a good deal.
Petites: Juke Box

I really love this color. It has sparkles and is burnt orange. It is super cheap (like $2) at Walmart and is available in tons of colors. It also doesn't chip and lasts long.

Let me know your favorite color!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween Display

HalloweenDisplay on the Old World piece (in the black and white kitchen)
(So sorry for the photo quality I have to use my iphone which is really old)
Here is my Old World Display. I love love love it!! So fun and creepy to make.

Kinda cute for how I lack in décor’talent.

Here is a close up of the left side. I got the idea for the candle holders here. The candles and cheesy
cling-ons came to me in the dollar store isle. Rat is just creepy so I had to add it.

Here is the right side. Copied (really it does not deserve “copied” more like inspired) from here!

My part would be the creepy books from my hubby but don’t know if they fit.

So what do you think? I do appreciate constructive criticism REALLY!!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Halloween Lanterns

~Halloween Lanterns~
(Copied from Sara at OurBestBites)

~Tissue Paper
~Mod Podge
~Paint Brush (I used Foam)
Aren’t they super Cute! This is an easy project that the kids can join in (unless you have my kids and I know what would happen if they even got close to a jar of Mod Podge)

Here’s how you do it
Apply Mod Podge to jar
Put tissue on the jar
Apply another coat of Mod Podge to create a seal
Repeat until the jar is covered. Let dry upside down.
After it is dry I just glued paper faces and ribbon to the top rim. (I tried glitter glue on the orange one and it was a mess)
Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ribbon Halloween wreath

~Halloween Wreath~
I copied this from Linda's Awesome Blog!
She has amazing stuff!
First mistake was using  lace ribbon instead of burlap. Well that was gonna be expensive. OOPS. So I changed to a bolt of black fabric that walmart had for $5 bucks.
Which I am hojping to make Martha's Witch Curtains.
My second mistake was getting a Styrofoam (the white kind) expensive and messy. Then I spray painted it. REAL REAL MESSY ha ha
Anyhoo I continued my messy project and put the lace here and there on the wreath.
With the letters, I spray painted them, used the wood as a stencil and cut and glued the scrapbook paper on them. I hot glued the wood to the wreath.
I tied a bow to hang it a viola. Cute Halloween Décor!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

~Summer Keepsake Book~

So I actually did this all by myself (pretty silly since I conscider myself a copy cat)
I thought of this while I was thinking of how to have my monster's make a thank you card for my aunt. I really want my girls to have memories of how they thought, wrote,what they liked etc. I came up with this:

 First I printed the pages the pagination was tricky. I had to [actually] think of what goes where ha ha and what to print on the back of what pages.
The cover is card stock, the title page on is regular.

Book includes:
Title page: They fill author and illustrator
Each Month they get to draw a picture of favorite things  want in the month.
What I love Page has them fill in:
the weather is:
to do:
(kind of like favorite things page)

I taught the 5 year old monster how to sew the book. I used a denim needle to poke the 4 holes. I then used regular thread doubled up and let her sew away. [Maybe some day I will use fabric]

If you would like me to send you the excel file, just email me.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Modge Podge Table and Chairs

~Hello BlogLand~

I am pretty sure I found this on Modge Podge Rocks there are too many that inspired it so who knows which particular furniture re-due it was.

First I sand the stool to remove any uneven items the kids got on it. (i.e. tape, glue,crayons,sticky anything)

Darn it why won't it show up right side up?????
Any whoooooo This paint is sooo awesome. I had to cover the table over and over and it shows all the imperfections. This stuff really covers in (almost) one coat. Love the colors in the pink and purple.

I used adhesive spray to adhere the paper shapes I cut out with my cricut. Then I covered with dunt dunt duh nahhhhhhh Modge Podge of Course!!!!
I put apprx 3 layers because of the multi level surfaces.

I wish this picture showed better but here is the finished top.

I have photo's (somewhere) of the table being done. I used wrapping paper (DO NOT USE PLEASE PLEASE) on the table top. It tears and it is not a smooth surface. (may be my impatience in laying)

I hope you enjoyed this!
My lil ones love it. Me too.